Antique Furniture Out Of Your Budget? Custom Build Will Fill Your Needs

There is a rustic feel to antique furniture which make it a much-loved and sought-after item. Because of the demand for good-quality pieces, the price tag for some items may put them well outside your price range. But do not despair. If you are wanting antique-looking furniture for your home, there is still a way to get it without crying over the bill. To get what you really want, all you need to do is contact a custom furniture builder, and there are three main benefits in doing so.

You Choose Your Timber

One of the biggest benefits about having custom-made furniture is you decide what type of timber is used for the job. When choosing to have a piece made to look like it is aged, you can go one step further and help the environment by choosing to use recycled timber.

Recycled timber is already aged as it has previously been used in other pieces. It gives a rustic, distressed look to the piece which a new piece of timber does not have. Your custom furniture maker will choose wood which is termite- and pest-free before they begin the project; however, the choice of wood to be used is completely up to you. This means you get to choose timber which will suit your existing decor.

You Choose Your Fabric And Fill

If you have a family member who suffers from allergies, you already know you need to be careful about the type of furniture you bring into your home. In some instances, the stuffing within new sofas has been known to cause allergies such as skin rash.

Having an antique-looking sofa made for you means you get to choose both the fabric and the fill. A microfibre cover, for example, has the expensive look of leather or suede but is hypo-allergenic. This means the allergy sufferer of your family has one less irritant in the home.

It Is A Unique Piece

The third reason for choosing custom-build is because it will be unique. Need the piece to fit in an abnormal shape or size room? No problem! This piece of furniture can be designed to suit the room, rather than you having to arrange the room to suit the piece.

Antique furniture is lovely, but it was built to a uniform size which may not fit your exact requirements. Custom builds mean you decide exactly the size and shape your new piece is going to be.

It makes sense to have your next piece of furniture custom built when you want an antique look without the price tag they command. Talk to a custom builder from a business like Dream Design Furniture & Upholstery to learn more about designing furniture with an antique look.