What a Café Owner Needs to Remember When Choosing New Furniture

Your café furniture is just as important as any other piece of equipment or other item in your café; if diners aren't comfortable then they aren't likely to linger and order more food, and trying to save money by choosing cheap pieces can mean having to replace broken or worn pieces quickly so that you spend more money over time. Note a few things to remember when choosing new furniture if you own a café or diner of any sort.

Trendy colors

Trendy colors for furniture can make your café stand out and draw the eyes of customers when they walk by or drive by. However, keep in mind that those trendy colors may not be so trendy after a year or even longer. You may get tired of apple green furniture or bright yellow chairs after not many months and feel like replacing your furniture all over again. It might be better to choose furniture in neutral tones and then add color with artwork and accessories that you can more readily change without spending as much money.


Remember when choosing the size of chairs that your customers are not going to be the same size as you! In some areas, the average individual is overweight and needs a larger, sturdier chair to feel comfortable. In other areas, the average population may not be as tall or have a large build, and smaller chairs may be appropriate.

You also need to consider how long you want your customers to linger; in a coffee shop, where you may want them to feel comfortable reading a book and where you don't usually have a line at the door, a comfortable and large chair is good. For other types of luncheonettes or diners where you want a faster turnover, a smaller chair that isn't meant for lounging can be the better choice; be sure they're comfortable but that diners don't get the impression that they should linger for too long, taking up a seat while other customers are waiting.

Cleaning and maintenance

Wood chairs of any sort will need regular sealing to avoid cracks and chips. Fabric chairs can easily become ripped even if you don't have a family-style café with children who are a bit rougher with the chairs. Woven wood can look nice but can easily get broken or stretched out of shape. Consider vinyl, metal, or a laminate rather than wood or fabric so you can easily clean your chairs and keep them well-maintained over the years.