A Comparison Between Manufactured and Solid Wood

People who want custom wardrobes have a choice between buying products made from manufactured wood or items made from solid wood. This article discusses these two forms of wooden furniture. Use this information to decide which type of wooden furniture is best suited to your needs.

Manufactured Wood

Furniture from manufactured wood refers to furniture which is made after subjecting timber products to a manufacturing process, such as making veneers from discarded lumber. Manufactured timber furniture tends to be affordable because the materials used aren't rigorously selected. Manufactured wood furniture may also offer better performance characteristics based on the wishes of the manufacturer. For example, the product may be treated with special products to make the furniture water-resistant and suitable for use in the bathroom. Manufactured timber products also provide a way to get maximum value from all harvested timber.

However, manufactured timber furniture tends to be less appealing due to the tendency of the manufacturers to come up with newer products regularly. The older products therefore go out of fashion quickly. It is also hard to repair manufactured timber furniture.  For example, it is hard to repair a crack in veneer. One may therefore end up spending more money to keep replacing damaged or worn manufactured timber furniture.

Solid Wood Furniture

Solid wood furniture refers to furniture which has been made from lumber that was harvested and cut into sections for assembling a piece of furniture. This form of furniture tends to be expensive due to the high cost of the raw material used to make the furniture. However, solid wood furniture is timeless because it is associated with high quality. It is therefore less susceptible to changes in trends. Solid wood furniture is also easy to repair in case it is damaged. For example, you can sand the surface in case numerous scratches have marred its attractive appearance. The material is also recyclable.

However, special care must be taken to maintain solid wood furniture. For example, you should protect it from rapid changes in humidity and temperature so that it doesn't dry out and warp or split.

Weigh the issues above as you decide which type of custom wardrobe to buy. You may be better off buying solid wood furniture if you want furniture that will last for decades without depreciating in value. Conversely, opt for manufactured wood furniture in case you have a limited budget and cannot afford to buy solid wood furniture.